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dji-phatom-3A break from the business and marketing posts to update you about my new toy! I wrote a post on drones in the past but was actually given one by a client to test about a month ago. Since then I haven’t been off it. Heck I haven’t seen my family in weeks (that’s a joke) but these things are seriously addicting. I’ve played with ones like these before but never something as high quality as what I purchased. I started by reading the DJI PHANTOM 3 review on choseaquadcopter – This pretty much convinced me to go ahead and pick one up! And I’ve never looked back.

You’ve probably seen the model before online or even around the streets if you live in a popular or tech savvy area. Personally I haven’t yet seen a similar type. Below is a very by DronesETC that outlines the major reasons why I freckin love this thing (and why I haven’t got any work done in days haha!)

Applications to Business

There are obviously large scale applications to using drones for businesses. Huge brands can start delivering items directly to consumers on same day delivery, such as in extremely big cities like NY or London. But there are also implementations that small businesses can use to benefit from these little flyers. Most of the time people won’t even consider this, but below is an idea that I’ve thought of that has real world small business applications.

Assuming you don’t have the budget to buy 10+ quadcopters in one day, you now have an interesting decision. You need to purchase one and make your money back in a small period of time…. Now let’s assume you are stuck in traffic or a crowd of people and cannot see far ahead of you. Instead of pushing through the crowds or waiting for hours in traffic you can fly your drones up and check ahead to see what the issue is, and estimate how long its going to take to clear. Perfect…. But how’s that a business?

Well you can then release this data online, or through any social mediums to help people out. It’s unlikely that you will be able to charge for this data initially but long term, it’s 100% viable.

Another medium that I like the use of drones in is VR. Virtual Reality is huge at the moment with hundreds of thousands of VR headsets being sold worldwide. In the coming months this number is expected to double! Connecting a VR headset to a drone is a quick and easy process. Now we are just waiting for the game developers to give us something truly awesome using these mediums. In-game Pokemongo? That’s an awesome thought!

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InvestingIf you are beginning to invest your cash in the hopes of getting profit out of it, you will soon find out that this is not an easy task. Investing is a skill that you acquire by harnessing your ability to analyse things and accurately predict market trends to make decisions that will work in your favour. Many people wanted to venture into investing but did not have the right tools or the right resources to learn the trade. Here are 10 of the most important beginner investing tips that you need to know.

  1. Investing requires Resources

When you are planning to invest, you cannot do so if you do not have the resources. In order for you to get the returns, you need to have the cash to put into action first. Investment amounts can go as little as $100 to $1 million depending on what you are trying to invest on.

  1. RisksThere are Risks

Like any type of business, investing has risks associated with it. Your capital or the initial resources you have put in can be lost or will not generate returns if your investments are not handled correctly.

  1. You set the Level of Risks you can Take

As an investor you have the control on the levels of risks you can take. Higher risk levels are associated with higher gains but are also associated with the biggest risk of losing your investment. Select a level of risk that you are willing and that you can sustain should the tides not work in your favor.

  1. Investing is a Skill

A lot of people go to workshops and formal trainings to learn the art of investing and trading stocks, all for the purpose of harnessing their skills in investing.

  1. There are many Types of Investments

There are opportunities for you to invest in stocks, binary options, businesses, exchange rates, gold price, and real estate properties. The level of risks vary but are directly proportional with the potential earning you can get.

  1. Outcomes are Affected by Economy Players

The outcome of your investments especially in stocks and gold investments are affected by the prices of oil and the dollar exchange rates.

  1. Political trends Affect Values

Political events occurring internationally or in countries will have adirect influence in the economy can impact the prices of oil, the country’s GDP and currency exchange rates.

  1. Real Estate Properties Increase in Value

When investing in real estate select the best location that you have reasonable knowledge to believe that its value will increase in the next 5 or 10 years.

  1. Investment Returns are Subject to Tax

Investments returns are considered income that is subject to tax by the state. It is important that you consider the taxes because this can impact the net amount of returns that you can potentially get out of your investment.

  1. Time Deposit interests equals Inflation Rate

Though investing in time deposit will give you a guaranteed interest it is only enough and sometimes less to cover the increase in the prices of commodities due to inflation. Time deposits do not work to grow your money but they only keep its value up to date with inflation.

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Last Updated 8th August 2016: In the last 12 months I’ve come out of my shell and began to actually use some technology! For the people who actually know me, this might seem totally unlike me, but it’s the truth!

Silicon ValleyI’m a businessman at heart and an investor too so although like Warren Buffet says “Stick to what you know.” I do want to begin to learn the dynamics behind the tech industry and what makes all these apps and start-ups from Silicon Valley so profitable. Although this is a double edged sword because Silicon Valley has been known to throw up some terrible business start-ups for investors like myself to get into. The trick to get around this is to not invest too early. Don’t go for the business to make you billions, stick with what is already working and invest into that.

Anyway, unlike most people I am a bit behind, but I think this actually lets me have an advantage when it comes to making money through investing. I don’t run into tech businesses that I don’t understand and If I don’t understand them, then its likely to general public (the real market makers) don’t get it either and won’t pay good money to have it/that. For example I understand Tesla, Uber and Airbnb and they are all completely tech based and successful as anything!

TechBut anything I will get back on topic. Technology will have a huge impact on investing and here is why.

Technology speeds up life

More than this, tech advances improves everyone’s quality of life for 2 reasons. The first is you have more free time. Let’s take investing for a second, imagine there was a programme that gave me all the research I needed in one simple app or on a website that I could simply pay a subscription and have access to all this data… Well they are coming and sooner than you might think. But the second reason why this matter is because of the increased free time and increased speed of trading I can actually make better trades and generate more profitable ones. This means I have more money!!

Imagine that?! You have more time and more money! – Assuming the markets don’t collapse in the next 10 years this is where we are all heading and It’s going to be fun!

An example of Technological Advancements in Investing

Aston MartinIf you don’t already know there have been a lot of changes in the automotive industry over the past 10 years. We mentioned Tesla earlier which is probably the biggest one of all time (since Henry Ford introduced the motor engine.) But one element that has been changing rapidly over the past 5-7 years is fuel injection in supercars. Now I’m a bit of a petrol head as are most of my friends and when it comes to supercars I could talk for hours.

But anyway, fuel injection is an industry I looked at in 2010 and invested in a number of small companies that were producing very high quality systems to help supercars accelerate faster. Boring sub-niche but extremely profitable for myself and anyone else who saw the niche. My point is this. Sometimes people think about tech advancements and want to invest in bio-medical or space travel or snapchat, but there is something you should always ask yourself.

Fuel InjectionWill this be a fad? If the answer is yes then obviously avoid it. A phrase I love when it comes to investing is: “Boring businesses make Billionaires!” – Because nobody wants to make a business that is seriously boring, everyone wants the next shiny object, and that, that can be what separates you from the investors that only make 10-20% a year, when you are making 50% year on year.

Make your profits, re-invest them.

Hope you agreed and enjoyed.

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Stand OutLeaflet marketing as the name suggests is the way in which you market your business or service through direct leafleting. This is usually to the local area to promote your business when it is first launched, although this can also be promotion of any sort, the key theme is it is a physically piece of mail (usually a flyer or leaflet, occasionally a letter) that is distributed to your potential clients.

You usually see this done by food stores, such as pizza shops or take-aways, to let you know they are there and ready to take your order! But there is also another side to leaflet marketing which is national or specific promotion and distribution, although more expensive the response rates for direct leafleting increase dramatically, with most campaigns being around the 20% response rate, vs a lower 2-5% for general local blanket distribution.

Build A Brand!

leaflet distribution advertisingBuilding your brand should be the primary focus from your flyer distribution campaign, although it might be tempting to add many different aspects, to try and generate the sale on the first time, its important to not get carried away and actually stay on track to build a positive brand image through networking and connections. If you’re selling the best pizza in the world then you don’t need to offer a coupon? Although if you did the chances of people coming through the door are improved, so its all about what your specific business needs and what your long and short term business goals are.

Another thing to remember is return on investment. This is the most important aspect when it comes to delivering a strong marketing campaign. The only reason (eventually) you want to market is to make sales. Advertising helps increase sales but most of the time people just do advertising for the sake of it, its not something you “Just do” in a business, its probably the single most important thing to a successful business, and that’s not an exaggeration. Strong advertising can increase sales rapidly and increasing sales can save almost any business!

Plan – Your ROI

If you agree that ROI is extremely important in any type of branding and advertising you can utilise the ROI calculator on Leaflet Go to get started. They offer this free service without signing up, so that’s a good way to get an idea of what you should be looking to accomplish as well as the costs and response rates you should receive.

It’s also important to remember that response rates aren’t everything. You might send 1000 flyers and be disappointed with a 0.5% response rate. But selling to these 5 people means you will probably break even. Obviously this depends on what exactly you are looking for, but most of the time its easy enough to break even on a campaign if not even make a direct profit!

Time Rich Marketing

When you first start a business its likely you don’t have much funds to invest into a business of any sort. Most of the time you need £50k to explode a business. But if you have a lot of time and not a lot of money you can use some of these techniques. Leaflet marketing is one of these techniques! Use it wisely!

Be unique

Remember to always stand out in your promotions, you should never just run a campaign to make a couple of sales, you want to WOW your audience, so they tell their friends and so on, this is how businesses expand rapidly!

Cheers for reading, comment, share and all that good stuff.

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Are you writing a digital marketing resume?

When writing one, it’s just as important to avoid certain mistakes as it is to take certain steps when creating the document. While there are many types of errors that you could make, here are some of the biggest ones that you should certainly try to avoid:

Helpful Tips to Resume Writing

  1. Not including relevant experience

It’s not necessary for you to include every project that you’ve ever done while working in a certain industry. However, you should certainly include important work experience related to that field. such as any SEO companies you have worked for. This will certainly help to distinguish you from other applicants. However, it can have the opposite effect if you omit such information, and could prevent you from landing your dream job.

  1. Mass e-mailing your resume

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t e-mail your resume to multiple companies. However, remember that the process is basically a numbers game. If you have zilch chance of getting a certain job, then it’s simply a waste of time and effort to send your resume to such companies. Try to pinpoint the companies and positions where you’ll have the best chance of getting hired.

  1. Forgetting the company’s goals and strategies

It’s important to craft your resume keeping these issues in mind. Learning the company’s goals and strategies is just the start. You should also take some time to consider how you can help it to reach those goals. If you take that approach then writing your resume will be easier and more effective.

  1. Bring you’re A-game

You should do this whenever you’re on the job, but it’s also important when you’re looking for a job. Your resume should be well-written, precise, and informative. Even if you have tons of experience and are well-qualified for a job, if your resume was thrown together in an hour, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll land the job.

  1. Using “digital” too much

While digital marketing is indeed related to the digital world, avoid over-using the term in your resume. It will make the document seem redundant, and besides that could even cause software to filter out your resume.

  1. Being overly boastful/proud

You should certainly show confidence in your resume. However, make sure not to sound too boastful or proud. Companies want to know how you’re qualified for a job, not how great you are.

  1. Lying

It’s wrong to do it anyway, but it’s something you should definitely avoid doing when writing your resume. Besides the fact that the company will likely find out, it causes questions about your integrity. This is the biggest tip by our Australian professional resume writer friend who helped us put this article together. Even if you get hired, what’s the point as you will have to be someone else everyday you walk into work? Be cautious when there’s a fine-line between enhancing your accomplishments and lying.

  1. Listing skills you’re not skilled at

This is a common mistake that people make when writing resumes, but definitely one that they should avoid. If you list skills that you don’t actually have, it definitely creates some ethical issues. However, besides that it can also automatically disqualify you for a job, as you might lack certain skill sets that are required for a particular position.

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Starting a Business in A Home Improvement IndustryStarting a business is hard. There is no 2 ways about that one, but starting a business in an industry you know something about or are passion in, makes it a hell of a lot easier.

This is a guest post by the team at who set up a garage racking and shelving company in less than 2 years and now are competing with the likes of B&Q and wholesale shelving giants. It’s not a topic that people usually even consider when they are setting up a business but the truth is the home improvement industry is one of the biggest in the world. After the financial industries Home Improvement is probably the best one to go into. Plus who really wants to be associated with the financial industries in 2016 and beyond!

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garage shelving brandingAs voted by the team at Gan Net.

5.) Curious London –  A reletively old and experienced company that has bags of experience in the logo and graphic design branding area.

4.) Identica – Another graphic based branding agency. Ones that specilise in medium sized campaigns from £1-50k. Perfect for the super quick growing businesses that don’t yet have the corporate branding budget.

3.) SEO Division – A company specialising in online branding rather than offline or print. The go-to guys for anything related to online branding or digital marketing. As the name suggests the SEO Division is also a search engine optimisation company first and foremost. This means that you can almost guarantee a rankings boost when signing up for any branding or design options with the SEO Division as well.

2.) Bulldog Graphic Design – Coming in 2nd is underscore a relatively new company that does web-design and online branding but also caters for larger more corporate ready clients. If you’re growing but don’t know what angle to take with your business these are the people to go to. Bulldog graphic design provides high quality infographic design services as well as web design and SEO options. Although this branch of BullDog is quite new, the sister companies have been around for a long time and are very respected in the internet marketing and design space.

The Branding DIvision Logo1.) The Branding Division – Another central London based branding agency that specialises in corporate branding campaigns for bigger clients such as F1, Mamma Mia and other West end shows. These are the go to guys for larger companies that have a budget to spend on brand management campaigns.

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Forex Trading is a growingly popular investing medium nowadays. Many young and start-up investors go straight into the Forex markets and make a lot of money by day trading or making smart decisions with good brokers. But for every successful trader there are 9 that fail and we believe this is because people rush into trading and don’t learn the forex trading strategies basics before actually starting to invest their well earned money.

We decided to put together a small guide on how to get started in Forex trading. You can see

Forex Trading Guide For BeginnersForex Trading

This is just a quick checklist to the forex strategies you should use when getting started. Please do additional research before getting into trading properly as you can’t start by simply reading 1 article. You are not going to become an elite Forex trader like that!

  1. Have A Budget – At the end of the day you can still lose a lot of money on the forex markets, so have a budget you are will to invest and that IF you did lose it all, it wouldn’t be the end of the world and in fact you would be okay and still survive!

    Forex Budget

    Forex Budget

  2. Follow the Experts – Sign up to as many forex trading forums as you can and start following the people that actually make a lot of money! But beware not to follow people that are all talk and actually don’t make profitable trades, they just promote a product or talk a good talk!
  3. Write + Track – Write and track all the trades you make. Even if they are almost painful to do at times, just open a quick word or excel doc and make a note of things you have done right and wrong, how much you traded, how strong you felt about a particular trade (scale from 1-10 is fine) and this will help you slowly evolve as a trader.

Finding the Right Forex Broker

Another aspect that many people fail in is choosing the right Forex broker. We recommend Etoro, you can read the full etoro review here. The key to remember when selecting a broker are the following:

  1. Good Sign Up Offers – As the Forex market is extremely competitive 1 new user can mean thousands in returns for the company or platform the individual decides to trade on. This means that the forex brokers can offer big incentives, usually in the form of deposit bonuses to people who sign up with them. Make sure you sign up with someone that has a good sign-up offer and doesn’t try to simply make it out like they are doing you a favour, when in fact it is seriously the other way round. When you see how much the brokers make on the PIP spread you will realise that you are SERIOUSLY doing them a favour!
  2. Established and Authoritative – These are 2 words you should look for, usually in the form of reviews and how long the company has been established for. A Forex broker set up 2 weeks ago can look the same as one with 100,000 members. This is why you should always read the reviews, like the etoro review on elite forex trading.
  3. Great Support – Again it is likely that you will have some sort of technical issue if you are looking to trade for a long time. This is inevitable but what shouldn’t be inevitable is how the customer support deals with your query. Make sure the company has great reviews and make sure the interface is for you as well. Not all forex platforms look the same, make sure you find one you like the look of and then stick with them. This is a game of long term profits, not making a quick buck.

We hope you enjoyed reading our introduction to Forex and took some good pointers out of it. Make sure you contact us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to set you up.

Regards, stay safe.


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