Digital Marketing Resume Writing

Posted By on Nov 12, 2015 |

Are you writing a digital marketing resume?

When writing one, it’s just as important to avoid certain mistakes as it is to take certain steps when creating the document. While there are many types of errors that you could make, here are some of the biggest ones that you should certainly try to avoid:

Helpful Tips to Resume Writing

  1. Not including relevant experience

It’s not necessary for you to include every project that you’ve ever done while working in a certain industry. However, you should certainly include important work experience related to that field. such as any SEO companies you have worked for. This will certainly help to distinguish you from other applicants. However, it can have the opposite effect if you omit such information, and could prevent you from landing your dream job.

  1. Mass e-mailing your resume

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t e-mail your resume to multiple companies. However, remember that the process is basically a numbers game. If you have zilch chance of getting a certain job, then it’s simply a waste of time and effort to send your resume to such companies. Try to pinpoint the companies and positions where you’ll have the best chance of getting hired.

  1. Forgetting the company’s goals and strategies

It’s important to craft your resume keeping these issues in mind. Learning the company’s goals and strategies is just the start. You should also take some time to consider how you can help it to reach those goals. If you take that approach then writing your resume will be easier and more effective.

  1. Bring you’re A-game

You should do this whenever you’re on the job, but it’s also important when you’re looking for a job. Your resume should be well-written, precise, and informative. Even if you have tons of experience and are well-qualified for a job, if your resume was thrown together in an hour, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll land the job.

  1. Using “digital” too much

While digital marketing is indeed related to the digital world, avoid over-using the term in your resume. It will make the document seem redundant, and besides that could even cause software to filter out your resume.

  1. Being overly boastful/proud

You should certainly show confidence in your resume. However, make sure not to sound too boastful or proud. Companies want to know how you’re qualified for a job, not how great you are.

  1. Lying

It’s wrong to do it anyway, but it’s something you should definitely avoid doing when writing your resume. Besides the fact that the company will likely find out, it causes questions about your integrity. This is the biggest tip by our Australian professional resume writer friend who helped us put this article together. Even if you get hired, what’s the point as you will have to be someone else everyday you walk into work? Be cautious when there’s a fine-line between enhancing your accomplishments and lying.

  1. Listing skills you’re not skilled at

This is a common mistake that people make when writing resumes, but definitely one that they should avoid. If you list skills that you don’t actually have, it definitely creates some ethical issues. However, besides that it can also automatically disqualify you for a job, as you might lack certain skill sets that are required for a particular position.