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Stand OutLeaflet marketing as the name suggests is the way in which you market your business or service through direct leafleting. This is usually to the local area to promote your business when it is first launched, although this can also be promotion of any sort, the key theme is it is a physically piece of mail (usually a flyer or leaflet, occasionally a letter) that is distributed to your potential clients.

You usually see this done by food stores, such as pizza shops or take-aways, to let you know they are there and ready to take your order! But there is also another side to leaflet marketing which is national or specific promotion and distribution, although more expensive the response rates for direct leafleting increase dramatically, with most campaigns being around the 20% response rate, vs a lower 2-5% for general local blanket distribution.

Build A Brand!

leaflet distribution advertisingBuilding your brand should be the primary focus from your flyer distribution campaign, although it might be tempting to add many different aspects, to try and generate the sale on the first time, its important to not get carried away and actually stay on track to build a positive brand image through networking and connections. If you’re selling the best pizza in the world then you don’t need to offer a coupon? Although if you did the chances of people coming through the door are improved, so its all about what your specific business needs and what your long and short term business goals are.

Another thing to remember is return on investment. This is the most important aspect when it comes to delivering a strong marketing campaign. The only reason (eventually) you want to market is to make sales. Advertising helps increase sales but most of the time people just do advertising for the sake of it, its not something you “Just do” in a business, its probably the single most important thing to a successful business, and that’s not an exaggeration. Strong advertising can increase sales rapidly and increasing sales can save almost any business!

Plan – Your ROI

If you agree that ROI is extremely important in any type of branding and advertising you can utilise the ROI calculator on Leaflet Go to get started. They offer this free service without signing up, so that’s a good way to get an idea of what you should be looking to accomplish as well as the costs and response rates you should receive.

It’s also important to remember that response rates aren’t everything. You might send 1000 flyers and be disappointed with a 0.5% response rate. But selling to these 5 people means you will probably break even. Obviously this depends on what exactly you are looking for, but most of the time its easy enough to break even on a campaign if not even make a direct profit!

Time Rich Marketing

When you first start a business its likely you don’t have much funds to invest into a business of any sort. Most of the time you need £50k to explode a business. But if you have a lot of time and not a lot of money you can use some of these techniques. Leaflet marketing is one of these techniques! Use it wisely!

Be unique

Remember to always stand out in your promotions, you should never just run a campaign to make a couple of sales, you want to WOW your audience, so they tell their friends and so on, this is how businesses expand rapidly!

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