A Break from Marketing & Business – New TOY!

Posted By on Sep 19, 2016 |

dji-phatom-3A break from the business and marketing posts to update you about my new toy! I wrote a post on drones in the past but was actually given one by a client to test about a month ago. Since then I haven’t been off it. Heck I haven’t seen my family in weeks (that’s a joke) but these things are seriously addicting. I’ve played with ones like these before but never something as high quality as what I purchased. I started by reading the DJI PHANTOM 3 review on choseaquadcopter – This pretty much convinced me to go ahead and pick one up! And I’ve never looked back.

You’ve probably seen the model before online or even around the streets if you live in a popular or tech savvy area. Personally I haven’t yet seen a similar type. Below is a very by DronesETC that outlines the major reasons why I freckin love this thing (and why I haven’t got any work done in days haha!)

Applications to Business

There are obviously large scale applications to using drones for businesses. Huge brands can start delivering items directly to consumers on same day delivery, such as in extremely big cities like NY or London. But there are also implementations that small businesses can use to benefit from these little flyers. Most of the time people won’t even consider this, but below is an idea that I’ve thought of that has real world small business applications.

Assuming you don’t have the budget to buy 10+ quadcopters in one day, you now have an interesting decision. You need to purchase one and make your money back in a small period of time…. Now let’s assume you are stuck in traffic or a crowd of people and cannot see far ahead of you. Instead of pushing through the crowds or waiting for hours in traffic you can fly your drones up and check ahead to see what the issue is, and estimate how long its going to take to clear. Perfect…. But how’s that a business?

Well you can then release this data online, or through any social mediums to help people out. It’s unlikely that you will be able to charge for this data initially but long term, it’s 100% viable.

Another medium that I like the use of drones in is VR. Virtual Reality is huge at the moment with hundreds of thousands of VR headsets being sold worldwide. In the coming months this number is expected to double! Connecting a VR headset to a drone is a quick and easy process. Now we are just waiting for the game developers to give us something truly awesome using these mediums. In-game Pokemongo? That’s an awesome thought!